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If a picture speaks a thousand words then music videos speak continuously and infinitely. Let’s collaborate on that story line you have in mind and make a remarkable music video.

Music Videos Production

You’re a musician and now you’re ready to commence music video production. Excellent! A music video is absolutely necessary to promote that song and/or album that you have worked so diligently on. A music video is a visually expressive form for you to bring your music lyrics to life for your audience.

In the digital age that we live in it is imperative that you have a music video for your social media platforms. After all, your competing musicians are doing it, why wouldn’t you? There’s no reason not to. Sure your audience wants to hear your lyrics, but they also want to see you perform the lyrics to your music and a music video embodies aspects of your performance.

Having a music video for your song isn’t an option. If you want to maximize the reach of your song and widen your audience capacity then you must have a music video. The costs of making a music video have been drastically reduced with advances in editing and camera technology.

Don’t fight what is necessary, rather, embrace it. Reach out to me and let’s get your music video made! Check out the music video packages below and reach out to me by filling out the contact form and let’s make your music video a reality.

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Music Videos

Directed by me:
Jó Muhammad
Martyr & Dsquare
Young Bauss
Carlos Monteiro
Jó Muhammad

Music Video Pricing

HALF A DAY (4 Hours)
Video with accompanying concept/story (optional)
*Editing (additional $125/hour)*
**Our packages are for production and editing costs only. There can be additional expenses.**
FULL DAY (8 Hours)
Video with accompanying concept/story (optional)
*Editing (additional $125/hour)*
**Our packages are for production and editing costs only. There can be additional expenses.**

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently answered music video questions and answers.

Your video can be shot on location or in a studio. You will assume the costs if the video is to be shot in a studio environment.

It depends on the workload. It generally takes about 8 to 10 hours of editing over the course of seven to ten days.

Yes, I can give you the raw images of a video shoot. Simply request them and supply me with an external hard drive that has enough memory to fit the videos.

I will not email them or upload them to your Google Drive. It takes too much time, especially if we shoot a lot of footage. However, if you do want the footage emailed to you via Google Drive or another cloud format there will be an additional hourly fee based on the time it takes to upload the raw videos.

I provide two rounds of revisions for music videos.

When it comes to traveling to shoot a music video different prices are applicable depending on the distance.

For example, if it is up to 50 miles or less of travel no additional costs are required. However, anything after 50 miles an additional $1 is charged per mile to the location. No additional costs for return mileage from the location.

Yes, we do travel long distances to shoot music videos. We charge for airfare, lodging and transportation.

For any traveling video shoots the proposal will outline such specific expenses.

Yes. A deposit of half the money is due to reserve a shoot date and the other half once the video is completed.

First, reach out to me by filling out the contact form below. Second, we will have a meeting to discuss your ideas, create a concept, and, optional, a story line for the video and set a shoot date(s).

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Great Song! But without a Video It may never be heard

As a music artist the importance of you having a music video cannot be overemphasized. The amount of music being consumed on audio visual platforms continues to grow exponentially and your music must be part of that growth. The best and most successful way of doing so is by having a music video to accompany your song. Give yourself and your song a greater advantage of success by having a music video. Reach out to me and let’s get it made.

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