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It all started with a passion

website design And SEO

My journey into website design and SEO started with my desire to develop an independent film distribution platform for my films. Therefore, upon completing multiple short films I built a streaming platform where people could support my film projects by purchasing them. 

After building multiple websites and enjoying the process I decided to offer my services to people who may not have the know how or do not have or want to put the time into building a website themselves. After all, depending on the functionalities and customizations desired for the website, it can be a steep learning curve. Not to mention the amount of time it can take to get it exactly as you want and the potential increase in stress level.


it all started when I discovered FILMMAKING was my passion.

Man with watch. Man in blue Polo shirt. Filmmaker and director.

My journey as a filmmaker all started when I discovered my passion for filmmaking while in college, Rhode Island College. Once I discovered that filmmaking was my passion all I seemed to think about was making films.

Therefore, sometime after graduating college I moved to New York City, Brooklyn. I volunteered on no budget and low budget movie production sets and locations. Shortly after, I felt confident enough to start making my own films and that’s what I did.

I began making short films, award nominated and winning short films. Respectively, AMBIGUOUS and DEPARTURES & ARRIVALS. As my talent developed I made more short films. Subsequently, as my recognition grew, I  sought after to make documentary films, music videos and promotional videos.

Music Videos & Promo Videos

Byproduct of my filmmaking passion

As my film skills and recognition level developed it naturally happened that I began to be sought after to direct music videos, promo videos and almost anything video related (weddings, etc). Video making, of all sorts, thus became a byproduct of my filmmaking passion and now I offer services in music videos and promo videos. 

Music Videos

Sure it’s a great song. But without an amazing music video it may never be heard or receive its deserved recognition.

Promo Videos

Whether it’s a product of service you offer, make it stand out with a memorable promo video.

Man filming.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With



You have a vision and together we can work on the process of refining and executing it. It’s simply a matter of starting. I can’t think of a reason not to can you?


From script consultation to directing, reach out to me to get knowledgeable feedback on your script and/or an experienced director.

Web Design & DEvelopment

It’s a fact, we live in a digital age. You need a website for your business. Don’t delay your entrance into the digital age any further. Contact me.

Music Videos

Sure it’s a great song. But without a music video it may never be heard or receive its deserved recognition. Don’t go halfway, complete the process.

promo Videos

Whether it’s a product of service  you can make it stand out with a memorable promo video. So why not? Reach out to me and let’s do so.


Photography is not simply taking a picture. Rather, photography is about intentionally capturing a moment in its most expressive and genuine form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked NYC web design company questions and answers.

I work with everyone. I offer my website design, SEO and other digital company services to local businesses in NYC and surrounding regions and nationally.

Absolutely! We live in a digital age and distance isn’t a factor when it comes to digital media services. That’s because there’s the internet!

Ultimately what makes me different is that I offer customizable solutions and I provide individual care and attention to each project. I don’t treat your project in cookie cutter fashion and that is something that I immensely pride myself in.

As you can see from my portfolio I am skilled in all types of photography. In addition to headshots I am diverse and skilled in Engagement Portraits, Weddings, Maternity Photographs, Corporate Events, Special Events and Family Portrait Sessions. I also take product photos (e-commerce, etc).

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great.

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