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In the digital age that we live in, promo videos are an absolute necessity to reaching your target audience. your video must convey its intended message briefly and poignantly.

Catchy & Sparkling With Interest

promo Videos are an Indispensable tool In Digital media Marketing

A promo video is essential to highlighting the distinguishable features of your product or service. With a promotional video you can bring awareness of your product or service to your potential clients and reinforce your market dominance with your current clients.

You must look at a promo video as you do a trailer to a film. In other words, your promo video is an enticing clamor to the audience you’re appealing to. It needs to be memorable and desirable. What your audience sees must be catchy and sparkling with interest. A great promo video must serve such purposes. Reach out to me and let’s get started and complete an impactful promo media video to further promote your product or service via the internet and on social media platforms.

Promo Videos

Directed By Me:

Promo Videos

Versaty Produções

Promo Videos

Santão Antão, CV

Promo Videos

Conta Di Ojo (I)

Promo Videos

Conta Di Ojo (II)

Promo Videos

Conta Di Ojo (III)

Promo Videos

WRC (Cycle of Violence

Promo Videos

WRC (Suicide Support)

Promo Videos

Conta Di Ojo (III)

Promo Videos

Promo Videos Pricing

HALF A DAY (4 Hours)
Video with accompanying concept/story (optional)
*Editing (additional $125/hour)*
**Our packages include production and editing costs only. There can be additional expenses.**
FULL DAY (8 Hours)
Video with accompanying concept/story (optional)
*Editing (additional $125/hr)*
**Our packages include production and editing costs only. There can be additional expenses.**
EDITING ONLY (Pre-shot video)
$125hr (Starting Price)
-Amount of editing hrs
-Amount mins/hrs of shot footage
-Image & Audio Enhancement
-2 Rounds of Revision
-Desired length of video?
-Cinematic logo reveals?
-Stock Music?
-Social Media Call To Action?
-Voice Over?
**For ex, a 3 min pre-shot video, with above features, totals $350-$400**

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently answered promotional videos questions and answers.

Your promo video can be shot on location or in a studio. You will assume the costs if the promotional video is to be shot in a studio environment.

The answer to this question varies and it depends entirely on how much footage is shot. A better answer can be provided when we speak and outline details of the promo video shoot.

Yes, I can give you the raw images of a video shoot. Simply request them and supply me with an external hard drive that has enough memory to fit the videos.

I will not email them or upload them to your Google Drive. It takes too much time, especially if we shoot a lot of footage..

I provide two rounds of revisions for promotional videos.

Yes, I do travel to shoot promotional videos.

When it comes to traveling to shoot a promotional video different prices are applicable depending on the distance.

For example, if it is up to 50 miles or less of travel no additional costs are required. However, anything after 50 miles an additional $1 is charged per mile to the location. No additional costs for return mileage from the location.

Yes, we do travel long distances to shoot promotional videos. We charge for airfare, lodging and transportation.

For any traveling promotional video shoots the proposal will outline such specific expenses.

Yes. A deposit of half the money is due to reserve a shoot date and the other half once the video is completed.

First, reach out to me by filling out the contact form below. Second, we will have a meeting on the phone or in person to discuss your ideas, outline details and set a shoot date(s).

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Promotional Videos: a commercial for Digital Media marketing

With each passing day more and more people are spending considerable amount of time on social media platforms via their mobile phones. That is phenomenal news because you know exactly where to find your audience. Now you need an amazing promo video that briefly and poignantly lets them know about you, your services or your product. Reach out to me and let’s make that promo video a reality.

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