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Zandir Santos’ most recent business undertaking is a New York digital marketing company, The digital marketing company serves New York City, surrounding regions and clients as distant as California, Cape Verde and Holland. As Zandir states, “We live in a digital world, distance isn’t a factor. I can assist clients no matter where in New York or in the world they are. The advent of the internet has made that possible. To get started the client simply needs to visit my website,, to get acquainted with my digital marketing services.”

Zandir’s New York digital marketing company offers services that include, SEO, web design, filmmaking, photography, music videos and promo videos. With over 5 years of experience in digital marketing, Zandir decided to launch his company after years of offering his services on a freelance basis. Zandir says, “I conceptualized the idea of launching a based in New York digital marketing company as a way to broaden the availability of my services. Now a client/potential client can simply visit my website and under the Services page can view the array of services I offer. Upon clicking on a particular service the client can see my portfolio, my pricing and FAQ’s. The client can then get in touch with me by filling out the contact form or reaching out to me by email, phone or on any of my social media accounts.”


As far as the interface of his digital marketing company website,, Zandir says that user friendliness was at the center of the web design process. He says, “I designed the website with the intent of it being user friendly and intuitive. I made sure that navigating the website would be simple, yet innovative and effective.”

In addition to having his portfolios available for viewing on his digital marketing company website, Zandir also has his pricing structure laid out for the person visiting the website. Zandir ads, “The reason why my prices are displayed on each service page is because I’m a strong believer in transparency in business. I want clients to know exactly what the prices of my services are and those prices are not based on inflated quotes. My prices are the same for everyone, whether a small business or big business. The only variable in my pricing is the dimension of the project.”

“My digital marketing services must always be applied in a fashion that serves the best interest of the client.”


As stated, Zandir offers various digital marketing services, including website design and SEO. He says, “Offering web design was an automatic and fundamental service when I decided to launch my based in New York digital marketing company. The reason is because a website is the pillar of a prominent and customizable digital presence for businesses. As far as SEO, it came afterwards. It made sense to offer SEO services as a digital marketing company because simply having a beautiful website isn’t enough to get found and rank highly on Google. There are methods to ranking high on search engines and SEO is basically the application of those methods.”

As far as offering photography and videography as digital marketing services  Zandir says, “it manifested organically.” He states, “Before delving into web design and SEO services I was a filmmaker first. I participated as a production assistant on low budget and independently made films in New York City. Eventually I went on to shoot and edit 7 of my own short films and several mini documentaries. It’s with that experience that I decided to offer videography services. As far as photography, being a filmmaker sparked that interest as well. They have similarities when it comes to framing, composition, settings, etc. And as they say, the rest is history…in the making.”


When asked about the future of his New York digital marketing company Zandir speaks of growth. He says, “The objective is to continuously grow as a digital marketing company, not only in New York City and surrounding regions, but globally as well and to become a brand. Becoming a brand takes time and throughout that time one must always be doing what is right for each and every client. My digital marketing services must always be applied in a fashion that serves the best interest of the client.”

Zandir goes on to emphasize that being a startup digital marketing company does have it’s disadvantages and advantages. He says, “What may be considered a disadvantage is that I’m very new to the digital marketing world from a company standpoint. We have to prove ourselves worthy of our clients’ trust with their digital marketing needs. However, being a startup with limited clients, we can devote additional time to serving the needs of our clients as necessary. We can give our clients customized solutions versus presenting cookie cutter methods. That is absolutely something that sets us apart from our established household name competitors.”


When it comes to deciding which digital marketing company to entrust your digital marketing needs to, Zandir offers some advice. He says, “As I stated earlier, the digital marketing company of your choice needs to be one that addresses your businesses interests and needs first. But finding that out comes with a little bit of homework. Sure you can go with the most reputable brand, but there are other factors to be considered. For example, will they work with a company with your budget, will they work with a company in your industry, will they give the attention and customization that your marketing strategy involves?”

He continues, “Also look at the digital marketing company’s track record. Do they have a portfolio? What’s the size of their portfolio? With that said, it’s very important to keep a long term position in mind. You don’t want to be jumping from one digital marketing company to another every few months or whenever you need digital marketing services. And of course price is important, but keep in mind that value isn’t cheap.”


With the constant increase of digital devices for engaging with businesses versus visiting their actual physical location, digital marketing has become essential for businesses looking to maximize their target audience reach. Zandir adds, “If your business has yet to go digital, it doesn’t exist! How can you say you’re a business but yet you’re not where your customers are, in the digital world. All businesses must have a digital footprint if they’re going to exist in the digital age.”

Zandir concludes, “From SEO, web design, social media, email marketing, etc., the reach of digital marketing is endless. Via methods of digital marketing businesses can reach clients no matter where in the world they are and at a fraction of what it used to cost to do so before the advent of the digital age.”

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